Sales, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Optimization

We have started to sale in Hungary the Rethink Robotics’s products, the Sawyer robot.Robo-Tech Service Ltd .now offers the following maintenance services as main activates: ABB, Kuka, Fanuc, Mitsubishi etc., Industrial Robots, Collaborative Robots Universal, and HAHN Group’s subsidiary HAHN Robotics GmbH.We can provide the following services: preventive maintenance, status monitoring, life cycle assessment, testing and diagnostics, refurbishment and re-conditioning services. Our specialists, technician in Hungary and abroad can, if necessary, intervene within a short period of time and eliminate the error they have encountered.
For existing robotic cells, it is common for the task to change, or there is an increase in the demand for a robotic cell (typically requiring a reduction in cycle time or a high-quality requirement). Typically, the workpiece changes or some operations or operations sequences change. In such cases, optimization of the operation of the robot cell may be required. For optimization, our company builds on its accumulated experience and well-trained professionals.
Robo-Tech Service Ltd. specializes in optimizing robotic cells that are already in use both domestically and abroad. In each case, a report on the robot cell test is prepared, which contains the findings of the robot cell construction and operation and the proposed measures. If necessary, a deeper analysis can be carried out using various simulation programs.


Robo-Tech Service Provider Ltd. is prepared for online and offline programming of robots independent of robot manufacturers and types. Our company is requesting robot programming, robot and operator training, track and cycle time optimization. Robots used in a robot cell can be programmed independently for independent tasks. The robotic program, in common language, controls the movement of the robot arm in accordance with the PLC program for the frame of operation of the robot cell. The robot program is responsible for ensuring that the robot arm is as convenient as possible to perform the task required to perform the task. Trackways, approaches to gripping reference points, accelerations, decelerations depend on both the robot program and the programmed values and parameters. Robotically-supported applications, robots, the robot program is inextricably linked to the PLC program controlling the operation of the robot cell, so often modifying it is often part of the task. It is very common that the robotic programming request is revealing the design defects of the robot cell. In this case we propose the necessary modifications and corrections.

3D modelling. Simulation, concept plans

Robo-Tech Service Ltd can workout design concepts to explore the possible implementation alternatives of the desired robotization concept and to choose the most suitable among them. This will enable the Customer to possess the information that the task in question is worthy of using robotic technology.
The design of the robot cells concept is done by 3D modelling so that the concept can be well illustrated. The purpose of 3D modelling is that the structure of the robot cell is clear and the essence of the operation can be clearly demonstrated.
Complex Robot Cells for Multiple Robot Systems, the process can only be viewed by simulating material flow simulations, 3D modelling, robot motion simulation, and material stream simulation.
An existing manual service or a robust manufacturing service system with robotic cells is initiated and implemented in each case by concept design. The steps of the concept design:
Interpretation of the existing or planned production service system, site survey and production environment data collection.
Definition and specification of the manufacturing flange.
Understanding work pieces and devices.
Selection of simulation and optimum solution.
3D modelling, robot motion simulation, robot selection. Cycle Time, Load and Access Analysis. and material flow simulation.
Estimated Costs for a Designed Solution of Concept Plan.
Concept Plan Presentation.
Functionality is the best illustrated by visual simulations in which the individual elements (robot, delivery devices, material) move. Such simulation programs are provided by most robot manufacturers for their integrators. For example, KUKA uses KUKA Sim Pro, ABB for Robotstudio software, etc.